Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Mind Your Own

Surveillance craze is funny to me. The "problem" is the truth that it occurs to all. People were satisfied with knowing that it is available; not actively used on us all. Lol Walk with me. How much of what we know and live is via the environment, the society, the circumstances & experiences we endure? God affects the aforementioned aspects. Sure he's watching and all but he's actively (and spirits) affecting the goinz onz around the world as we know it. Consistent with popular belief things DO happen for a reason ; however it is not always a good one. Still walking? Hell on earth can be seen presently though we believe that more is to come -- Armageddon. Some believe, anyway. We all will live to find out the real deal. Supposed to have some surreal activities. Can't wait. But we find that there's an exclusion-clause, salvation. God himself promises you a chance at a future existence BETTER than the one we have now. There is nothing wrong in that. We experience wrong action presently. Sin is not from man yet we are made to sin. Sickness is not from man ; science and documentary have been recorded on varied physical features experienced on earth. We live an existence in varied condition. We accept what is dealt, making the best of it. What is the best of wrong? 1 Samuel 16 : 21- ( Read whole chapter for context ) The wrong spirits that cause our demise act everywhere, we know not a clue the effort imparted. Stay With Me Fortunately there is life from the Invincible Creator that has had us all along. God created the earth and its all with powers not his own. There is no need for wrong to exist. Sorry for analogy but what you are given you must take care of. Goldfish and pets in general die for lack of proper care. ~ God was created himself and has taken title to king of this universe in our minds because we only know our creator. We only know what we know

Monday, March 25, 2013

Simpin on Nostalgic sizzurp

I wonder how people get thru life with lost [and dropped] loves . Here in Miami for a few days and I think about one of the "loves of my life" that I pushed away . On one hand itz like I need to follow Teddy P's advice (you know how the TKO song goes) . Wouldn't mind finding my way to the family's house to say hello and all dat . Straight simp-juicin . Same goes for other situations that would send my lady OFF da cliff . I have to laugh at it all really; not necessarily to keep from crying . I cope better now . But I love em all All of this is related to situations that our actions are not entirely our own . No need in perpetuating pain .